020.00 – Ha-Mim Group: : “ حم ”

Beginning with the 40th Ghafir Surah of the Qur’an, 7 surahs begins with the letters “Ha-Mim” “حم”  (Hurufu Mukatta). These surah are 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46. In the first verses of these surahs, “Ha-Mim” draws attention and 42nd Ash Shuraa surah “Ha-Mim” in addition to the letters in the second verse “Ayn-Sin-Kaf” divides the table into two parts. The sum of the letters “Mim” is 1855 and sum of the letters “Ha” is 292 in these 7 Surah and Grand Total number 2147, confirms the number of 19 encodings. The prime factors of the 2147 number are 19 and 113. (In the table, the Arabic original order of the letters is considered in the order of Ha-Mim)

1855 + 292 = 2147 = 19 x 113

2147  ≡  0 (mod 19)

The mathematical structure of the 7 surahs is magnificent. Milan Sulc, www.19miracle.org/h-m “Ha-Mim” letters in the number of surahs by adding digits is equal to 113 and here 2147 = 19 x 113 by exploring the relationship has revealed a great coding structure. Some subgroups of this structure are coded with the same systematic. A logic grouping of two part of the tables formed as sub-groups was carried out and for this logic shows as the reason that is in the 2nd verse of the 42nd Ash-Shuraa surah letters “Ayn-Sin-Kaf” “عسق” (Hurufu Mukatta)

As a result of my study, the following codings were added to the structure:

The 35-digit number consisting of 7 groups of “Ha-Mim” letter numbers of each surah

38064  27648  30053  32444  15016  20031  22536 ≡ 0 (mod 19)

confirms the number of 19 coding.

The reverse sequence of the groups of this number, which consists of 7 groups, confirms the 7 and 19 coding numbers.

22536  20031  15016  32444  30053  27648  38064  ≡ 0 (mod 7)  ve  ≡ 7 (mod 19) 

“444 324 353 368 166 231 26” 21-digit number, which is the consecutive sequence of the numbers of sum of letters numbers as “Ha” and “Mim” of each Surah, verifies coding number 7. In addition, the sum of the digits of these numbers is 77.

444 324 353 368 166 231 261 ≡ 0 (mod 7)

4+4+4 + 3+2+4 + 3+5+3 + 3+6+8 + 1+6+6 + 2+3+1 + 2+6+1 = 77 = 7 x 11 ≡ 0 (mod 7)

The sum of the remaining when these numbers are divided into 7, is the number 19.

Total (mod 7)  ≡ 0 (mod 19)

The sum of the remaining when these numbers are divided into 19, is the number 57.

Total (mod 19) ≡ 0 (mod 19)

It is very clear evidence that the remainder of the divisions, when Qur’an numerical datas are divided into  7 and / or 19, it is important in the numerical coding system.

According to the order in the Ha-Mim table, the Abjad values of the letters and the number of letters in the suras, 56-digit number that occurs when consecutively verifies the number of 19 coding.

40 380 8 64   40 276 8 48   40 300 8 53   40 324 8 44   40 150 8 16   40 200 8 31   40 225 8 36 ≡ 0 (mod 19)

With the same logic, the 10-digit number that occurs when consecutively the Abjad values ​​of the letters and the sum of the letter numbers in surahs confirms 7 and 19 numerical coding.

40 1855 8 292 ≡ 0 (mod 7)   and   ≡ 0 (mod 19)

The fact that the numbers of 56 digits and 10 digits that we have defined above are the multiple of 19 are mathematically linked and is a mathematical imperative. But the exact division of the 10-digit number into 7 and 19 makes a difference. So, we just take 1/133, which is the probability of dividing the 10-digit number by 7 and 19 by the probability calculations.

In the formation of other subgroup tables, the operation of the systematic structure in the main table was taken into account. So groups are created from rows that work similar to the systematic in the main table.

Those who want to understand the depth of the event, please get a few operations as adding or removing some number to “Ha-Mim” numbers in the table to results in the same systematic. Then you will understand better, how you are faced with a miracle. The probability space of this systematic is 10E+35. The probability of coincidence (operation) with its subgroups is approximately; Reşat Khalifa and then mathematician Milan Sulc were able to bring the subject up to this point.

1 / 27.436.000   (1/19 x 1/40 x 1/19 x 1/10 x 1/19 x 1/10 it is about 1 in 27 million. )

With the   ≡ 0 (mode 7)  and  ≡ 0 (mode 19)  equivalent we added, the calculation is much deeper.

Briefly: Mode 7 verification of totals reduces the probability by 1/7, The second step, Mode 7 verification of the sum of the steps, is approximately 14/100. The probability of the remainder of the other Total Mode 7 being 19 is 1/7, the probability of the consecutive sequence of groups of letter numbers 19 is 1/19. Since the reverse sequence of these groups of numbers provides 7 and 19 at the same time, 1/7 x 1/19 = 1/133, but since the code 19 is provided with the remainder 7, the probability value is 1/7 x 3/19 = 3/133, taking into account the remainder of 0 and 2. We get it as 3/133. Verification of the sum total of the letters’ Abjad values and the numbers in suras 7 and 19 is 1/7 x 1/19 = 1/133. Total Mode The probability of the remainder of 19s being 19 is mathematical necessity does not enter into the probability of caculation.

(1/19 x 1/40 x 1/19 x 1/10 x 1/19 x 1/10 x 1/7 x 14/100 x 1/7 x 1/19 x 3/133 x 1/133)

As a result, the probability of verification of the code is  1 / ( 1 x 10+15).  1 in 1 Quadrillion.

1 / 1.075.782.478.866.670

I’ve done a computer program that calculates the variations and my computer calculates 50,000 variations in 1 second. It will take about 680 years to find a sequence of numbers that validates the code, containing only one probability 1 in 1 Quadrillion. I did not add the corresponding the following big number, if added, the probability situation would be reduced astronomically. This is the challenge to anyone who wants to appeal. We are waiting.

Most of those who declare an opinion on the subject do not have this information. What do they speak according to? They have no ideas what kind of calculation and coding system that they’re facing in. I am sure that my writings will of course be delivered to those who advocate opposing ideas on a platform and asked them, then I wonder how they will explain this detail?

Finally; as mentioned above the abjad values of the letters “Ha” and “Mim” are Ha:8 and Mim:40. Number of 840 generated by sequential sequencing of these numbers according to the order of the letters in the 1st verse which is the verse of Hurufu mukatta confirms coding number 7.

840   ≡  0 (mod 7)

We apply this process to all 7 surahs. We place the numbers 8 and 40 with the Abjad values in the places of all the letters “Ha” and “Mim” in the surahs, one by one by matching their positions and order in t he surahs. Below we give the first 5 verses as an example.

An then the following 4002-digit big number is exactly divided into 19 and confirms numerical coding.


≡ 0 (mod 19)

(According to the order in the Ha-Mim table, the number of letters in the surahs is expressed)

In the big number, “Mim”means 40 numbers are 1855 and “Ha” means 8 numbers are 292

40 1855 8 292 ≡ 0 (mod 7)   and   ≡ 0 (mod 19)

Do not consider the occurrence of a large number as the consecutive order of the abjad values of the letters, as the number of codes and the occurrence of the code in the table above directly affect this large number, where the consecutive order of the letter numbers is affected and may not exactly divided to 19.

The probability of the numerical structure given in the Ha-Mim group tables above with a probability value of 1 in 8 trillion and this 4002 digits number at the same time is an astronomically low value. 1 in 1 Septilyon.

1/1 x 10+15 x 1/10+9 = 1 / 1 x 10+24       1  in  1 Septilyon.

Please try to understand the sensitivity of the digital coding structure and see the chain of possibilities that started to form by connecting to each other.I cannot think of any scientific authority who could object to this mathematical structure. The formation of this structure 1400 years ago requires the acceptance of the Qur’an’s mathematical miracle.

And we are witnessing the miracle together.

It may be possible to manipulate this number from the end. But as you move towards the middle of the number, manipulation becomes very difficult. In the next section we will see how such a manipulation is prevented and how serious degree of mathematical difficulty is involved in coding.

Ha-Mim Group Coding Detail:

I don’t want to intimidate those who want to try, but I have to say, the table above has four subgroups that you can see on the side and it works with the same system. In other words, the password codes found should form four sub-tables from the main table and run with the same system.

In addition; The large number created by placing Abjad values in the places of the Ha-Mim letters in Surahs must be a multiple of 19. We saw the large number created above.

Did we want a lot?!! But there is nothing to do, the 7 suras that begin with the letters Ha-Mim in the Qur’an are coded in groups in this way. Whoever wants to bring a similar example has to provide all of these

Example data entry is as follows:

Numbers changed, code not validated, 35 numbers in the blue zone must be changed, appropriate numbers must be entered to verify this code. The probability of finding the numbers confirming the code is 1 of 1 Quadrillion. For those who want to object, let’s see this is the challenge, find the numbers that provide the code and create the text, don’t forget to make Ha-Mim ranking 19 times in the text. We wait curiously, we are in no hurry, we are waiting. It does take some time to say that it did not warn, depending on the speed of your computer, about 680 years. But it’s free to try.

In the 7th century, in 19 years, as 7 surahs, descended verses in 19 groups

Please think; No computers, no calculator, no proper pen and paper, even no numbers. Zero number is not yet explored, not used. Calculations are made in the west to use the Roman numbers, in the Islamic geography called the abjad, the number of values given to the letters are made calculations. The communication is too weak, the transportation is extremely difficult, there are many challenges. In such an environment, 14 centuries ago, we have dealt with a text formed by revealing as small pieces in roughly 20 years. 7 surahs, 412 numbered verses and 7 un-numbered Basmalah 292 + 1855 = 2147 letter we are talking about. And if we think that this text has been descended and formed for about 20 years, we will see the magnitude of the event from different angles..

In the 7th century, in 19 years, as 7 surahs, you can see in which table and in which group the verses descended in 19 groups were descended in the table below.

The descent order of the verses of the “Ha-Mim” group

(By Index Order)

The first verse of the 40th Mü’min surah which is the first surah of the group of,  consists of the letters “Ha-Mim” “حم”, the second verse below.   The meaning and emphasis of verse 2 corresponds very well to the code and mathematical structure here, almost shout the magnitude of the event out. Only this group coding is enough to show that the Qur’an is extraordinary. Even with current computer technology, we are faced with a structure that is very, very difficult to do. We need to understand this well.

40-Ghafir (Mü’min) – verse 2:

تَنزِيلُ الْكِتَابِ مِنَ اللَّهِ الْعَزِيزِ الْعَلِيمِ

https://quran.com/40/2 – SAHIH INTERNATIONAL

40-Ghafir (Mü’min) – verse 2: The revelation of the Book is from Allah, the Exalted in Might, the Knowing.

The other verses 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46 are similar. Other surahs begin in a group of harmony, emphasizing that the book has been downloaded by Almighty Allah.

Those who ignore this mathematical structure of the Qur’an, who underestimate the subject and try to portray it as a fabrication, a fiction, manipulation, acrobatics, number game, can now say what they want. The Qur’an will give the required answer to all of them.

2-Al-Baqarah – verse 23:

وَاِنْ كُنْتُمْ فٖى رَيْبٍ مِمَّا نَزَّلْنَا عَلٰى عَبْدِنَا فَاْتُوا بِسُورَةٍ مِنْ مِثْلِهٖ وَادْعُوا شُهَدَاءَكُمْ مِنْ دُونِ اللّٰهِ اِنْ كُنْتُمْ صَادِقٖينَ

https://quran.com/2/23 – SAHIH INTERNATIONAL

2-Al-Baqarah – verse 23: And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant [Muhammad], then produce a surah the like thereof and call upon your witnesses other than Allah, if you should be truthful.

The challenge of the Qur’an is very clear, those who do not believe and those who have a doubt, please bring a similar group of surah like Ha – Mim group. If you wish, take your witnesses, your helpers (your computers) other than Allah and prove that 1400 years ago could people write such a text? Help yourself, do your proof, we’re waiting and make sure we’re in no hurry, we’re waiting. In the meantime, if you think that the Ha-Mim coding detail is finished, you are unfortunately wrong, the next section Ayn-Sin-Kaf group is included in the Ha-Mim coding. Please continue reading and see how it goes deeper.

020.01 – Ayn Sin Qaf Grubu: “ عسق ” I suggest you continue with the section.

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