007.02 – Technical Interpretation error of Reşat Khalifa in 19 numerical coding systems:

With the help of the 19 system, there are some spelling mistakes, for example; writing the word “Bastatan” in verse 69 of 7th Surah with the letter “Sin” or when the additions of the letter “Elif” are removed, the original text should clearly confirm the system, because the numerical system gives the impression that it has an “Error Detection” function or “Error Detection Code” and ideas empowered from this point, completely exaggerating and technically misinterpreting the event As a result of showing it as “Error Correction Code”, the courage of Tawbah surah’s last two verses to be removed from the Qur’an was obtained and attempted.

However, it is not the data of the numerical system that shows us that the letter “Sad” in the word “Bastatan” in verse 69 of 7th Al-Araf Surah should be written as the letter “Sin” and finds the spelling error here. At this point, the numerical coding system only gave us a perspective and gave a signal. When we examine the words by taking this signal into consideration, we have detected the spelling error by the spelling rule. While detecting this error, historical copies also came into play. As a result, the numerical coding system could not show us the word “Bastatan” in verse 69 of 7th Surah, as a point shot, using the “Error Detection Code” of the system. Why? Because the digital system does not have a “Error Detection Code” and such a function. Such a function cannot be assign on the system. If the numerical coding system had an “Error Detection Code”, it would have been able to perceive and display other letters that we would change. At least he should have been able to show the wrong word. But the numerical coding system is far from the sensitivity we are talking about. It has no such sensitivity. The numerical coding system may be able to achieve this sensitivity in the future, but now we can clearly say that the system or systems we have do not have such sensitivity.

Same way, we see an extraordinary view when we look at the codings on the original text by removing the “Elif” letter inserts in the 1st Al-Fatiha and 96th Al-Alak surahs. In this case, it would be extremely unsupported to claim that the numerical coding system found and revealed the additions of the letter “Elif” in these suras. The additions of the letter “Elif” in these suras were found and removed with the help of spelling rules and historical copies, and the original text was obtained. At this point, the numerical coding system has the opportunity to show the extraordinary on the original text and has done its necessary. The results of the digital system on these suras are extraordinary, so we have the opportunity to say that they are original. However, the numerical coding system has no function and hence the authority to say that this section is not original or extraordinary about a section that we could not see that it was extraordinary at any other point or where we could not find a mesh related to the numerical coding system. It would be wrong to show this result as an insufficiency of numerical coding system. Forcing the numerical coding system in this direction is entirely individual ideas, The route shown by the Qur’an is not in this direction. The Qur’an describes the numerical coding system as believers will believe in the right information and their doubts will go away, if they are given books, the heart of those who are given books will be warmed, and those who do not believe will see the issue as a problem. Also; It is stated that the Qur’an is preserved by Allah, that is, it is not changed, that it is original, that no one can be produce by people, that is, it is extraordinary. It is entirely inference of individuals to expect other functions from the numerical systems discovered in the Qur’an. People themselves are responsible for an inference outside the Qur’an’s route. It is unthinkable that our approaches are beyond the Qur’an route.

Reşat Khalifa made the very clear “Technical Comment” error that we tried to open above, as a personal comment, loaded the “Error Detection” function on the numerical coding system, and even uploading the “Error Correction” function to the numerical coding system, the time of the repentance of the last two verses he claimed that this error would be corrected by removing these two verses from the Qur’an. Today, the followers of Reşat Khalifa hopefully read these lines, notice this error and give up this mistake.

Correction of the erroneous approach in the 19 numerical coding system

The calculations of the 19 numerical coding system are correct and have very clear mathematical arguments that show the last two verses of 9th At-Tawbah surah are outside of the data set where word counts are applied. But, they don’t have any arguments that these two verses are outside of the Qur’an. Therefore, their conclusion is incorrect. Instead of removing the last two verses of 9.At-Tawbah surah from the Qur’an, which seemed to have problems with the 19 numerical coding system, if they preferred to investigate the connections of these verses with the system and with the whole of the Qur’an, they would see the truth very easily and would not make the mistake they made. We are reviewing the 19 numerical coding system after the above explanations, redefining the numerical information clusters and the system method. In our opinion, the correct structure is as follows.

Basic numerical data groups in the Qur’an (Clusters):

  1. Surahs (Surah numbers)                                114      { 1, 2, 3, 4, … , 114}
  2. Verses (Number of numbered verses)       6234      { 7, 286, 176, … , 6}
  3. Un-numbered Basmalahs                               112      The un-numbered Basmalah s at the beginning Surah
  4. The verses in special group                                2      The last two verses of 9-At-Tawbah surah (128 and 129)

As a result of the new clusters of these numerical data, the new structure and method of application of the 19 numerical coding systems are determined more clearly.

The method of the 19 numerical coding systems:

  • The system includes the structures that provide the equivalence of “≡ 0 (mod 19)” as well as the structures that provide the equivalence of “≡ 2 (mod 19)”. “≡ 2 (mod 19)” Note that this equivalence only manifests itself on basic data. All the symbolic structures that provide equivalence or that have equality and similarity are suitable for the system. It shows that it is preserved and extraordinary that is the word of Allah.
  • When applying the system over the Basic data in the Qur’an, the number clusters other than the special group verses must be taken into calculation.
  • The special group of verses must verify the numerical system. All connections must be shown.
  • In the word counts, the group un-numbered Basmalah is excluded. The special group verses should be excluded too.
  • In the case of letter counting, all verses must be included in the system.

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