007.03 – Edip Yüksel and 19.org denial of the last two verses of At-Tawbah surah

The mathematical system that we realized in the Qur’an in 1974 opened a new age of physical evidence and every unit in the Qur’an was included in that system.

After all, the verses 9:128-129 aren’t from the Qur’an:

1. It gave us the opportunity to see the real function of the Qur’an’s mathematical system. The protection of the Qur’an is not like the books that are protected by people in museums, or as inscriptions of natural protected stone, unlike all that has been by the coding system placed by the owner and we have been told with at the verse 15:9 Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.

2. In this aspect, it creates an extraordinary miracle.

3. He made a distinction between those who accepted the Qur’an and those who believed in the Qur’an because of their imitation of their ancestors. True believers prefer the testimony of the Qur’an on the testimony of their ancestors.

Translation of false verses is as follows: (Edip Yüksel)

128- There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you and to the believers is kind and merciful.

129- But if they turn away, [O Muhammad], say, “Sufficient for me is Allah ; there is no deity except Him. On Him I have relied and He is the Lord of the Great Throne.” [4]

 Perspective of Edip Yüksel and 19.org Team for the Rumor

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“The first person to argue that these words are not from the Qur’an is Rakhad Khalifa, Again, according to historical sources, these words are added to the Qur’an by KHuzeyfe and Zeyd Bin Sabit. These words were found on the side of KHuzeyfe, which is one of the Medinelians, even though it was landed in Mecca, the testimony of KHuzeyfe is worth 2 people, but the testimony of the man who transmitted a story about it is not worth 2 people. KHuzeyfe never witnessed an event as a result of the prophet to give him 2 witnesses and a lot of contradictions, I will not mention.

I’m just quoting a brief chapter of the relevant rumor:

“I testify that he sold this horse to the Messenger of Allah.”

Our Prophet turned to KHuzeyfe and “Ya KHuzeyfe what are you witnessing? However, you were not ready during the bargain (not with us)” he said.

KHuzeyfe replied:

“I confirm the truth that the Messenger of Allah has brought you. Because I know for sure that you don’t say anything other than right.”

Our Prophet, pleased with his courage and surrender, said: “If Huzeyfe testifies for whom, his testimony is equivalent to two witnesses.” (Müsned, 5:215-216)”[2]

“In the caliphate of Abu Bakr, the Qur’an was bringing together. When Companions in charged of bringing together comes to the verse of At-Tawbah sura (9:127), they thought it was the last verse of Qur’an. Upon this, Zeyd Bin Sabit said to them: “The prophet read me two more verses” said and he started to read 9:128,129 verses and, “These two verses are the last verses of Qur’an” he added. [3]

The Rumor that is for claiming to deny the last verses of At-Tawbah surah

When the Qur’an is collecting as a book, why did’t two witnesses rule about the last two verses of Surah Tawba?

First of all, there is no dispute as to whether these verses are verses. Because the Companions have kept the Qur’an in their memorization. Therefore, it is not possible for the Shura, who is so sensitive in the making a book of the Qur’an, to include a text which is not a verse in the Qur’an. In principle, it is necessary to look at the introduction of two written witnesses, an indication of the sensitivity of the Companions in the formation of the Qur’an and at the same time as a scientific method. Otherwise, the Companions without the written witness or without asking, They have the qualify of making the Qur’an a complete book.

According to sources alliance, Hz. Abu Bakr ordered Zayd b. Sabit not to trust his memory and to seek written copies from two persons, two evidence for each verse. Zayd for this work, He stipulated Hz. Ömer’s help and he helped him seriously. Although Zayd b. Sabit himself was a good memory, he followed a very rigorous and scientific procedure, such as searching for two written witnesses who responded to each verse.

Actually; The Prophet (asm) said, ” Whoever Huzeyfe testifies for, his witness equal two people”. (Buhari, Tefsir, Ahzab, 2) Zayd b. Sabit, found the written verses next to Abu Huzeyfa and wrote them immediately to Mushaf in according to Prophet’s word. The basis of this movement because from the hadith that the Prophet had ordered about the witness of Abu Huzeyfe b. Yeman. Written verses have been researched by Zayd b. Sabit, finally found only the beside of Huzeyfe who his witness equal two people. In other words, although it was in the memorized of many, written verses were preserved only near Huzeyfe. Because the Qur’an was gathered not from the memory of the Companions, but also from the pieces written in the presence of the Messenger and fixed in the last offering were gathered and transferred to a Mushaf by documenting. Zayd b. Sabit, who was an officer for writing, he could not write these two verses until he found a written document. In his own words, “He did not find these two verses after Berâe, thoroughly researched and found them preserved only by the beside of Huzeyfe and based on this, the written verses are obtained in this way”(Elmalılı, Hak Dîni, III, 2654-2655). [1]

Marmara University Professor of Theology Omer Celik, the last two verses of Surat al-Tawah are added to the claims that later.

[1] https://sorularlaislamiyet.com/kuran-i-kerim-cem-edilirken-tevbe-suresinin-son-iki-ayeti-hakkinda-neden-iki-sahit-kurali

[2] http://19.org/tr/?s=batuhan+tevbe+son&submit=Search

[3] Nineteen. Edip Yüksel’s book.

[4] Nineteen. Edip Yüksel’s book.

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