020.02 – Is it possible that the code be broken? What happens if it breaks? Can be written similar one of the Qur’an?

After the details we have given above, this question comes to mind automatically. Today, technology is moving at very fast, developing algorithm techniques like Artificial Intelligence (AI) studies, Artificial Neural Networks – (ANN), developing hardware and software techniques, has been developed Quantum Computers to do much more processing in a very short time, technological structures come more power. Can’t these codes be broken by the above mentioned structures? I can respond right away, of course it can break. But we shouldn’t miss something. The mathematical structure of the Qur’an, which we have uncovered so far, is the study we have done with our limited knowledge and the results we have achieved. We do not think that the entire Qur’anic mathematical structure has yet to be discovered. Many more connections, numerical structures and coding will be discovered. In parallel with the developments, the more the code breaking power of the technology develops, the more our power of finding new coding structures in the Qur’an will be developed and many new structures will be discovered.

It would be a more correct approach to deal with the issue not as breaking the Code, but as bringing similar one of the Qur’an. Because the declaration and challenge in the Qur’an was made in this way.

17-Al-Isra – verse 88

 قُلْ لَئِنِ اجْتَمَعَتِ الْاِنْسُ وَالْجِنُّ عَلٰى اَنْ يَاْتُوا بِمِثْلِ هٰذَا الْقُرْاٰنِ لَا يَاْتُونَ بِمِثْلِهٖ وَلَوْ كَانَ بَعْضُهُمْ لِبَعْضٍ ظَهٖيرًا

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17-Al-Isra – verse 88:  Say, “If mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like of it, even if they were to each other assistants.”

Considering the conditions of 1400 years ago, it can be seen very clearly after examining the cryptological structures above. In the same conditions without using of today’s computer technologies, it can be seen that similar one of the Qur’an can not be brought by people. But in the challenge of the Qur’an, there is no statement that “they cannot bring without using technology”. It is stated that only the like cannot be brought by people. No terms or conditions were set and the expression was used in simple present tense mode. The expression of challenge is very strong, It is mean that in the past they couldn’t bring, today they can’t bring, in the future they will not be able to bring.

What technique can we use when we want to write a book similar to the Qur’an using today’s computer technologies? First of all, when we use normal engineering techniques, that start from the begin and goes to ending, it is immediately seen that a similar book cannot be written. I mean, if we start writing without calculating the resulting situation, no matter how much advanced technology we use, it is beyond doubt that we cannot write the text that contains a cryptological structure like above given. At this point, human beings must already accept the event. Why? Because the formation of the Qur’an is known to everyone,  during the formation of the Qur’an, any calculation was not made by people in the technique we mentioned.

So whatever technique we use, it can be predicted that such a cryptological structure can be created. Reverse Engineering technique should be used. This process is sometimes called Reverse Code Engineering (RCE). Firstly, the numbers must be arranged in a cryptologic structure, that is mean, a numerical coding must be created, and then text must be produced that is confirming this numerical coding. I think the complexity of the event can be seen. Because, besides its cryptological structure, the text of the Qur’an has many different features such as handling issues by giving social, literary, moral, scientific references, and consistency in itself. People need to understand well what kind of adventure they will have when they are trying to bring a similar one of the Qur’an.

Let’s say we decided to write a similar one of the Qur’an using the reverse engineering technique. We want to prepare the numerical coding structure in a similar way to the cryptologic structures in the Qur’an. As an example, we want to produce a big number like the 4002-digit number which are formed by sequentially ordering the numbers 8 and 40 which are the abjad values of the letters “Ha” and “Mim” in the place of the letters in all 7 surahs the above-mentioned wich are started with Ha-Mim letters. To produce this number, we cannot use natural iteration, a method of checking whether it is verified by increasing numbers one by one, because the number is astronomical big, the time of our universe is not enough?!! It is not possible for us to develop a mathematical logic and to produce the number as a result of a function with cause and effect relation. The increase of iteration as a result of the displacement of the numbers 40 and 8 in the large number which formed by combining the numbers 40 and 8 does not continuity. Therefore, the number does not have a structure that can be processed as a function. As a solution, we only have artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, which are trial and error methods and which we encounter as popular algorithms today. I would like to emphasize an important detail here. Artificial intelligence algorithms (AI) produce results that exceed human capacity. I want to write again, with capital letters “EXCEED HUMAN CAPACITY” at this point, it is seen immediately that the subject has exceeded human capacity. It is clearly stated in the verse that the human capacity will not be enough, even if the capacities (jinn) above the human capacity are used. “If mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like of it, even if they were to each other assistants.”  In addition, how ture it is that human beings say that they owns of the result obtained through systems which is exceeding human capacity and say that they did this and this is their work and they know this issue and this event is under their control? I leave the comment to you.

It is scientifically revealed that the Qur’an is preserved, It has not changed.

  • Historical copies,
  • The fact that the Qur’an is in its original language,
  • The word by word has been memorized by hundreds and thousands of people since the first days.,
  • The fact that the Mushaf of Qur’an all over the world are literally the same word by word.

(Except for Elif additions or spelling mistakes, which do not affect the meaning, the words are the same as in Hafs and Warsh mushafs, but there are only changes in the number of verses)

  • Word symmetries that were found and revealed in the Qur’an,
  • Even and Odd symmetry system in Mushaf Index,
  • 7 and 19 Duo Numerical Coding System,

These structures have scientifically revealed that the Qur’an has been preserved, it has unchanged. Numerical coding systems also made it very clear that the Qur’an, that is, the text containing cryptology, could not be gathered or written by people 1400 years ago.

But the critical point is that; The verse 17:88 is not related only with the past time. So it covers all the times. People cannot bring a similar one of the Qur’an. They couldn’t, they will not be able. If the mathematical structures that we have extracted from the Qur’an, that is, cryptological structures can be made today, something is missing, it is not completed. If the mathematical structures discovered in Qur’an today can be made, it would not make any sense that the Qur’an could not be built by humans 1400 years ago. The logic requires that these two propositions be combined.

  • If the Qur’an is protected by a cryptological structure

(Technical expansion of the conservation structure; It is a positive control technique. Error detection or Error Correction codes are not meant.)

  • It must be claimed that a similar one of this book cannot be made

That is,  It was made exactly this way in the Qur’an. Verses 15:9 and 17:88 clearly show the situation. Even understanding the context of this logic is an event. Installing and running is a much deeper issue. As a result, it is the most fundamental subject of this study to reveal the fact as criptological that people cannot write a similar one of the Qur’an today and in the future.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to emphasize the mathematical depth of the structure in the Qur’an with a small example. The mathematical structure does not seem to be easily overcome at all, we should see it.

As an example, we can take the Mushaf index. The verses in the Mushaf Index form a set of numbers. We have showed and examined in the past issues that there is a phenomenon in the arrangement of this set of numbers. Given the possibility of sequential ordering of these numbers, we can understand how deep, large and insurmountable the issue is.

This set of numbers is 114 elements.

Number of Verses = { 7 , 286 , 200 , 176 ,  . . .  , 4 , 5 , 6 }

The event occurs immediately if we only want to calculate the probability of the sequence order, without changing the number value of the elements of this set. It is necessary to use the Permitation account to get this result.

What is Permutation?

In mathematics, permutations are a sequence of sequences. This sequence is obtained by repeating each symbol one or more times. To calculate the number of permutation combinations that can be obtained by selecting as many elements as r in a set of numbers with elements n;

P (n,r)=n!/(n-r)! formula is used.

If we apply the formula to the number set;

P (114,114) = 114!/(114-114)!  =  114! / 0! = 114! / 1  =  1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x … x 112 x 113 x 114

As a result:    2,5 x 10186   we encounter an astronomical number.

Considering that the calculated number of atoms in the universe is 1080 even the probability that the number of 114 in the Qur’anic index will be arranged is too big for us to be overcome.

From another point of view, it may be possible to see other aspects of the subject. Let’s consider the coding example of the Ha-Mim Group. The coding detail of Ha-Mim Group has been given in detail above. As a result of our study on this verse group coding, we found that group coding is closely linked to the whole Qur’an and that the entire book must be written and completed in order to complete the coding example. Although the encodings seem to be local, they are associated with very complex connections to the whole, it is possible to simulate the coding by revealing the whole structure. This situation is again an insurmountable issue

On the other hand, there is an interesting paradox of logic. Let’s say that our technology is sufficient, in fact the current technology seems to be sufficient, there is no need to wait for the next years. And a group or someone using this technology has created and brought a text that contains coding similar to the codes we’ve discovered so far.

What happens then? How do we comment the case?

It’s actually very simple, we think. God has already taken the precaution, the event is connected with logic in advance.

Namely: When the group who decodes and claims the text is similar to the Qur’an then they will have to be accepted that the Qur’an is coded with high technological knowledge. In this case, the group providing the encrypted text will contradict themselves, How Does?

If the Qur’an is encrypted with high technology, it will be accepted that people cannot do it 1400 years ago. Therefore; It will have to be accepted that the Qur’an is the Word of Allah. The Qur’anic declarations will be considered to be true and according to the Qur’anic manifestation, God is infinitely mighty and his code will be considered unbreakable. In other words, they will accept that the code they call broken cannot be broken. Because they will know that they have reached this conclusion with the limited information they can reach. They will immediately understand and accept that they cannot overcome the knowledge of Allah, who has infinite wisdom and knowledge. Just like the wizards who raced against Moses

An example of this is the situation of the wizards described in the Qur’an in the verses 20.Taha Surah 57-76, who competed their skills with the scepter of Moses in front of Pharaoh. Seeing the truth and power, the magicians immediately accepted the truth and accepted Allah and His Prophet  

As a result, this is a paradox, a deadlock that cannot be solved by us. As people who handle the event with limited knowledge, whatever we do, we cannot overcome this logic and cannot fully decode it. This is very clearly connected with logic.

In this case; we say to them, just bring a text which is claimed to be similar.

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