091.00 – The mystery in the numbers of the Circle and the connection with the basic numbers (114, 57, 19) of the Numerical Structure of the Qur’an

360 degrees, the most basic expression defining the circle, where does this 360 degrees come from, why 360?

The definition of the Degree is as follows: A measure of the plane angle. A full circle has been accepted 360 degrees in total. It is not a standard unit. It is calculated as 1 degree = π/180 radians. It is not known where the degree came from in history. In the past, astronomers may have found the movement of the sun. Because in the past, a year was considered to be 360 days. In this case, the sun changes its elliptical path by one degree every day. In addition, the number 360 can be divided into many numbers. Of the numbers from 1 to 10, only 7 can not be divided exactly. In addition, the Babylonians were using the 60-based number system, not the 10-based number system like us. It may be coming from them. They accepted a full circle 360 degrees. Another measurement unit, Radian, is calculated as 180 /π. 1 Radian is slightly larger than 57 degrees. 1 Radian = 180 /π = 57,29577951… degrees.

The circle is symbolizing perfection impossible to reach; The Pi (π), It is the most mysterious number of mathematics world, that is, the ratio of its circumference to its diameter and its decimal places without repeating itself, namely; It hides the mystery of number in itself.

Wherever there is a circle, there is π. Unfortunately, books are not enough to explain the mystery of Pi (π).

 Smallest and closest integer ratio as prime number:

Why 19 and 114? !! No more numbers left? !! the question comes to mind.

Radian Circle: 1 radian = 180 ÷ π  = 57,29577951…

The length of its circumference is 360 units and its radius is; In the circle with r = (1 radian) 57,29577951… units, the length of the arc seen by the central angle is equal to the value of the angle in degrees.   Ø ̊ =  S unit

he square root of 360 is 18.97366596 … the nearest integer is 19.

π = 3,1415926535897932384626433832795…

We push the limits an expectation of perfect harmony in the Circle

The angle value and the length of the arc it sees, the number of slices

they are all equal or closest to each other,

We are looking for the Integer Number to be able to adapt to this value of radius and diameter

Angle Value The Length of the Arc it sees Number of Slices = n

2 · π · r ≅ n² ≅ 360

2 · π · a · n ≅ n² ≅ 360

we are looking for the closest integers, a: number of factor and n: number of slices

The number of slices will be an integer, but due to the infinite decimal places of π, the Angle value and Arc length will not be possible to be an integer that satisfies these conditions. Therefore, Angle value and Arc length will be converted to integer. It appears as an integer 19, where the converged Angle value and Arc Length are closest to each other and equal to the number of Slices when rounded to the nearest integer. Here the coefficient a is found as 3. Again; The radius length, where the angle value and the Arc Length are closest to each other, are 57 units as integers. The number 19 is compatible with the radius 57 (19 + 19 + 19) and the number 114 (19 + 19 + 19 + 19 + 19 + 19).  

n = 19 ,  a = 3 ,  r = 3 · n ,  r = 57      →      2 · π · 3 ·19 ≅ 19² ≅ 360

As a result, we achieve the perfect fit in the Circle with the number 19

All values (Angle value, Arc length, Number of slices, Radius and Diameter value) are compatible with the number 19.

The Circle is 57 units in radius and 114 units in diameter;

It consists of 19 (18.9473) degree angles and 19 slices

The spring lengths of the 19 slices are 19 (18.8495) units.

The number 57, which is the radius, consists of 3 x 19,

The number 114 in diameter consists of 6 x 19,

Number 19 is the Common Division of the Perfectly Fitting Circle

This structure is unique, can only occur with these numbers?!!;

As the closest integer, the radius emerges in a circle with 57 units, 114 units in diameter, and is formed by the number 19.

These numbers correspond exactly to the Qur’an numerical structure. The Mathematical structure of the Qu’ran, (surahs: 114, symmetry: 57, code: 19). It miraculously copes with the numbers of the perfectly matched circle.

What a coincidence; There are 114 suras in the Qur’an, it has symmetrical structure as 57 + 57 (Even and Odd Symmetry System). The Qur’an is mathematically coded with the number 19, the number 19 is the common divisor of the Qur’an.

We are amazed that another Qur’anic connection emerged in Radian value: The 57th Sura, which is full of miracles and the Symmetry Center of the Qur’anic system, has 29 verses. Decimally coincides with 2 precision 1 radian value 57,29. If we take decimal precision as 4 (57,2957), the abjad value of the word “AL-Hadid” (Iron) (57), which is the name of Surah, is also activated. Numbers 57 and 29 are very important, clear and central numbers of the Qur’anic numerical structure. I think it is very meaningful that the number of 57,29577951… which has a radian overlaps with the numerical structure in the Qur’an.

π number related link:

The fact that the number 19 is the closest integer in the circle with a radius of 57 units and a diameter of 114 units, enables us to establish the connection between the number 114 and 19 on the universal constant π number.

19² ≅ 2 · π · r     19² ≅ 2 · π · 57     19² ≅ 114 · π     19 · 19 ≅ 19 · 6 · π

19 ≅ 6π

This result is the same as that Ph.D. Baback Khodadoost found in his work with another approach.


As a derivative of this result, I would like to share the situation in the sinus signal with the enthusiast.

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