001.00 – Opening Statement

This study is not a propaganda of religion, there is no intention to convince anyone to a religious understanding. Everyone’s religious understanding is private and personal. I have no intention of interfering in anyone’s religion. I, however, respect people’s religious understanding or thoughts.

There are many natural things that we can observe in the world and that human beings cannot make with today’s technology. In the world, there is only one thing which is not natural that has been made by using human hand 1400 years ago, but today human beings can not be able to do it. It is the Qur’an. Until today in all the studies and books written about Qur’an numerical coding system, nothing has been revealed that human cannot do. The studies only brought up the subjects with very low probability and very difficult to happen by chance

It has been tried to show that there is a systematic structure based on some patterns in the numerical structure of the Quran in all the studies conducted so far, it has been tried to be defined by force and it has been claimed that the Quran is protected by this numerical structure system. The reason behind this approach is the effort to show that the numerical structure cannot be formed by chance, but as a result of a planned action. In addition, by showing that this structure was not damaged, it was tried to prove that the Quran was not changed and it was preserved. I think these approaches are not very good and they contain many mistakes. For example: It has been claimed that the Quran is preserved by the digital structure. The Quran has been preserved, but the numerical structure of the Quran does not protect it, we see and understand that the Quran has been preserved because of numerical structure. There are enormous differences between these two approaches.

Firstly; The claims of the system pattern based on the numerical structure claimed in the Quran are not a claim of the Quran. I accept that there are claims that people make in order to reach the conclusion and to be persuasive in their adventure. These numerical system claims and approaches pulled their owners into certain limits and forced them to act within those limits. As a result, when they got stuck, they felt the need to intervene in the text of the Quran to get rid of the restrictive situations they were in, and they intervened, they wanted to remove two verses from the Quran that they claimed did not comply with their system.

The numerical system structure based on some pattern in the Quran, which is based entirely on people’s own views and opinions, has been the target of criticism and the subject has been found inconsistent in many ways and has been criticized by a wide audience. They were criticized from time to time by saying that they expressed numerical patterns by being arbitrary, by making a forced interpretation or by doing numerology, and it was stated that the results obtained in this way could be found in “other books”. The approach that causes these criticisms, as I tried to explain above, belongs to the people who try to present the event as a system based on a numerical pattern. The Quran has no such claim.

Well, does the Quran have no claim on this issue?!! I think the Quran has a very clear claim on this issue. However, this claim of the Quran has been unfortunately misunderstood and incompletely understood by those who work on this subject until today. Actually, it would be more correct to say this. This has become the case since they could not defend the Quran’s claim on the subject due to lack of knowledge. In the studies carried out so far, it has been emphasized that the Quran has not changed and it has been tried to be proved by numerical systems based on pattern (a cryptologic structure). Admittedly, good progress has been made in this regard, but the claim is not only this. The Quran’s claim is much more impressive, striking, very precise and clear.

The allegations of the Quran on this issue are clearly expressed in verses 15: 9 and 17:88.

15-Al-Hijr – verse 9:  Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.

17-Al-Isra – verse 88: Say, “If mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like of it, even if they were to each other assistants.”

  • The Quran is a book that is claimed to be preserved by Allah, that is, people cannot change (could not change, will not change). And accordingly (I’m talking logically of connection)
  • The Quran is a book that is claimed that people cannot bring a similar one.

Today, we know that cryptologic structures are used to show (control) that a text delivered to the recipient has not changed (preserved). (SHA256, Checksum). Therefore, as a result of the above claims, it makes sense to search for cryptological structures in the text of the Quran. In the studies conducted so far, as the first claim that the Quran is preserved has been tried to be shown and proven that it has not been changed and significant results have been obtained. However, no result has been obtained to prove the second claim that “a similar one of the Quran cannot be brought by humans“. The cryptological structures that have been revealed can be made very easily by people today using computers. Since the people working on this issue could not prove the second claim, they made the logic and system mistakes that I tried to explain above and which I will try to explain in the following chapters of the book in order to convince people of the first claim and complete the subject at this point.

The difference of this book from others emerges at this point. In this book, you are presented with clear formations that we have received and revealed directly from the Qur’an that human beings cannot do. The term numerical system is used in many parts of the book. This statement does not refer to a numerical system based on pattern.

My work is “a numerical expression of the structure of the Quran.” This numerical structure appears as mathematical equivalences, equations, symmetries and similarities in the text of the Quran. These mathematical equivalences and others are presented by me as a set of criteria for those who want to write or bring a similar Quran. Those who want to bring a similar one of the Quran have to bring a similar text that provides these equivalences and contains other mathematical structures. Other values of the Quran such as rhetorical art, historical depth, literary structure, moral principles, social content cannot be denied, only cryptological structures cannot be suggested as a measure. However, the most suitable structures in terms of measurability are the cryptologic structures, numerical equivalents and mathematical structure of the Quran. Other structures are much more difficult to quantify and measure in this way. It would be appropriate to evaluate my work in this point.

This study, which is an individual research, is a cryptological analysis of an ancient book of 1400 years. I think that the results are a strong argument against Deism. Deductive method was used as scientific method.

I suggest you continue with the section of To imitate or write similar one of the Qur’an

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